Pond Supplies – The Must Have Items in Garden Pond Supplies

Having the proper pond supplies is important for those seeking to have a well-functioning pond. There are many supplies available on the market but there are a few must-haves for a successful pond.

Some of these items that are absolutely needed for most ponds include:

Pond filters – When beginners to this hobby begin to look for filters, they are unaware that there are a number of different types of filters available. The type of filter that should be purchased depends in largely on the type of pond a person owns. For example, some people choose to use bubble-up filters. These filters are best used for internal purposes. The filters operate by creating a stream of air bubbles that pushes water up and then out of a tube. This process pulls the water through the filter and allows the water to be filtered. Those who would rather use a different type of filter may instead opt to use external filters. These filters are often considered to be the most powerful filters available and they are often best utilized in larger ponds where there is a lot of water that needs to be moved.

Garden pond pumps – You need to have the right pond water pump for your pond. Ensure that you look for the one that has a higher pumping capacity and is heavy-duty. It will also be best if you look for one that is an outdoor pump. These pumps can be left out in all seasons and they are high powered.


Plants – The kinds of plants that you will have in your pond will be up to you. There are some people who like to decorate with all-natural plants around the pond while there are others who find it easier to simply have non-natural or fake plants because it will require less maintenance. Any (or all) of these pond supplies will help you in starting up your pond.


Pond liners – Liners are important for ensuring that the feature retains its water and that the water in the pond stays clean. The type of liner you purchase depends on a great deal on the shape. Many stores sell pre-made liners that are in something similar to a figure-8 shape. This shape and the oval shape are the typical shapes for most liners. However, there are some ponds that require customization when it comes to the liners due to their shapes, depths, or widths.

Lights – These pond supplies may or may not be needed. If you plan to use the feature as a focal point of a garden area in the evening, lights will be beautiful and draw visitors in. Submergible lights are one of the more popular lighting choices. These halogen lights and transformers are actually placed directly below the surface of the water. When using these supplies, it is important to have the right mounts to make sure that the lights do not come loose or flip around inside of the water. Some people buy special lenses to cover these lights if they want to create a red, yellow, blue, or green hue. Most small water features use 35-watt bulbs. Larger ponds might be better off with brighter 75-watt bulbs.

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